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Why Get Elo Boosting With an Unranked Smurf?

The question as to why anyone would use Elo boosting is often asked throughout the LoL community. With millions of monthly active players it can become a chore to sort through all the trolls and AFKers to reach your season goal. Contrary to popular belief Elo boosting doesn’t mean you have failed or have reached an MMR higher than what you deserve, it just means you needed a helping hand along the way.
Plenty of players have been Elo boosted at low divisions and improved enough to compete at the higher tiers. Elo boosting isn’t just about getting to higher tiers to brag – there are many reasons why you would Elo boost a smurf. Reasons like:

Resetting your MMR

Have you ever been on one of those huge loss streaks? Some players have found themselves on loss streaks as long as 19 and even 23. This can seriously hurt your MMR and in some cases result in the demotion between Leagues. If you’ve already proven yourself to be good enough to get promoted up there once then why waste the time to do it again?
Elo boosting your smurf account to a similar level of your main account also allows you to skip the boring and easy divisions. You aren’t going to improve as a player if you just stomp silvers all day on the way up to diamond. Players that use Elo boosting on their unranked smurf accounts can spend more time at the Elo they should be which helps them improve.

Season Rewards











The most common boost finishes at Gold. This means that most people use Elo boosting to get the unique end of season rewards such as the Victorious champion skin. Elo boosting your smurf to this division saves you time and ensures you get a skin that becomes unobtainable next season. This is easily the most common reason for LoL players to use Elo boosting.

Promotions are Unfair











The LoL ranked system isn’t well structured. The promotions force you to get high win rates (75% between divisions and 66% between leagues) over a short amount of games which means a couple of trolls or something out of your control (like a power cut) can be the difference between promotion and failure.
Some players can be exceptionally unlucky and fail multiple promotions which can take up huge amounts of their time. Furthermore if a player regularly gets into their promotion series then they are arguably good enough to move up divisions. By Elo boosting your smurf you can skip this fiasco or move on when you feel stuck on the ladder. It’s not uncommon for people to Elo boost just 5 games to pass their promotion series.
Play with Friends
If your main LoL account is high Diamond but your friend is low Platinum chances are you will want to use a smurf to play with them. This requires you to level (or buy) a smurf account and then get it placed and climb through the ladders until you are close enough to duo queue (gold in our example).
By Elo boosting your smurf to gold you can skip placements and climbing to the desired Elo and save time. Sure you could do it yourself but Elo boosting achieves the same goal but saves you the time and as the goblins in World of Warcraft would always say: ‘Time is money, friend!’

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