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Are you looking for your order to be done as soon as possible. We will prioritise your order above those who are currently assigned and make sure this order is completed in a quicker time!

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Add a 1 hour maximum coaching experience at a Pro level, normally priced at $30p/h. Learn to play at an elite level after your boost.

This option is PAID: +$10

Do you want to feel secure in the case Blizzard bans your account? We have never had a ban for HearthStone ever since the game came out! If you want peace of mind and reassurance behind your account, we offer a solution to put your mind at ease. If you get banned while we boost your account, we will provide a brand new account and 10 placement games for you valued at over $125.
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Battle.net Code, come onto live chat to organise the account security bypass.

DO NOT log onto your account once you have placed your order.

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Why Get Hearthstone Boosting?

Our Hearthstone Boosting Process

Hearthstone is a card game high in popularity developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It is turn-based between two rivals or opponents, and is played using constructed decks of thirty cards and a selected hero who is assigned unique power. Hearthstone is deceptively simple, yet filled with fun, competitive spirit and strategies. The game requires an incredible depth of knowledge to reach top ranks, i.e., 5 and above. Players use mana points to cast spells as the means of attacking opponents, and they can also summon minions for the assault. The goal is to reduce the opponent’s health to zero.

What is Hearthstone Boosting?

When it comes to Hearthstone, not all players get the opportunity to play at higher ranks. Most players typically rely on Hearthstone boosting to get ahead and succeed at these higher levels. Hearthstone boosting can quickly help you reach the legend level. Our site offers you the opportunity to receive fast, affordable, and reliable boosting services. There are two ways of boosting; you can either watch the booster in game, or you can order a coaching session with our finest boosters. We can do this through Skype, or we can offer you a screen share option.

How to Go About Hearthstone Boosting

The process of Hearthstone boosting is simple. To begin, you select your current ranking and then choose your desired ranking. Next, you choose any additional options that you would like to add. Once you are done, proceed to the next page where you’ll input all of your account and billing details. Finally, purchase your boost. We can deliver any rank, and it can be done on any server. The process takes approximately 1-3 days depending on RNG or current Meta. For a legend boost, you need a decent card collection with at least one Meta deck card. You can choose whether you want the standard or wild mode of boosting.

Account Safety

Top security consideration undergirds our process of boosting. We ensure that your boosting process is undetectable and properly protected. Our boosters use custom VPN servers which are designed to change the IP address for each and every account. This makes it impossible for Riot to trace the game back to us. We continually upgrade our IP transformation and obstruction features to match the latest changes to the Riot IP policies and detection systems. Thus, you have no risk of getting your account banned.

Boosting Process

During the boosting session, you are welcome to spectate from a separate account. Through this, you are able to learn how it is done, as well as track the boosting process. You can only log into your account when you can ascertain that the booster is currently offline. Once the boosting process is over, you’ll receive a notification of the completion. You will also receive a screenshot of acquiring the legend card bark. Once you’ve verified the boosting, you can resume your play at the new level.

Our Support Center

There are a number of ways that you can reach us. First, you can either contact us via the LiveChat option in the right lower corner of the site page, or you can add us on Skype. Our LiveChat system has a 24-hour customer support. There is always someone on the other end ready to respond to your compliments, complaints, or inquiries. Key among the most effective ways to reach us is Discord, which is an all-in-one voice and text chat that is uniquely designed for gamers. Discord is free, secure, and works on both phone and desktop formats.


DO NOT log onto your account once you have placed your order. You can only log in when you notice that the booster is offline. Our booster does not chat with anyone on your friends list during the boosting process. The Authenticator/Steam Code comes on LiveChat to organize for the account’s security bypass. All of the prices for the boosting packages are quoted in $USD. Finally, keep in mind that we are in no way affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment, Riot, or Psyonix and do not represent them, nor their business interests.

Bots or Pros?

When you want to boost your Hearthstone account, you must be careful due to the fact that there are a plethora of scam apps and sites that rely on bots. We DO NOT use bots when boosting a client’s account. Bots are not easily controllable, nor can they guarantee the top security and quality gaming that will raise you up to the legend rank. Our boosting team comprises of professional players who have hit legend position. Most of them have reached the legend rank severally, and they have a very deep understanding of the turns and tricks that lead to you rising through the ranks.


When it comes to boosting, there is no such thing as the last day in a month. Even then, your game rank has a bit of influence on when we can boost you. The best time for boosting is at the end of the season, at which point the process is rapid. We can still boost you in periods when it seems it’s too late. Getting in touch with us through Skype is the best way to ascertain your specific timing needs. We always start right away, or within a few hours, after your purchase of your boost. If there is a backlog, we’ll give you an estimated time of the beginning of the boost.

Our Client Service

Every day, we have the privilege to boost hundreds of players with diverse boosting needs. On average, the boosting from level 1 to legend costs about €20. We continually keep in touch with you through the boosting process. Our pricing is very competitive, our delivery is fast, our services are impeccable, and our commitment to client satisfaction is unmatched. You can find some of the clients whom we have boosted in our gallery. When you choose Elo Boost Pros for your boosting needs, you’ll be joining a long list of satisfied clients around the world who have put their trust in us.

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