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H1Z1:King of the Kill is a fast paced, fight-to-the-death survival shooter released by Daybreak Game

Company that is very quickly gaining popularity. Players compete in large-scale, chaotic PvP matches of

skill and wit, with the end goal of being the player to prevail over all others to be the last one standing.

Parachute into the toxic gas plagued environment of H1Z1:KOTK either solo, in a duo pair, or in a

five-player team; run out guns blazing or quietly collect survival items on the outskirts of the deserted

town squares and in the scattered remains of abandoned campsites. The choice of gameplay style is

completely in your hands, and every opponent you out-brute or out-survive shoots you higher into the


You move up the leaderboard via your top 10 matches. These match results listed in your top 10 are your

own personal highlights. It showcases your best 10 matches and gives each a score associated with how

well you did in that particular game. Your first 10 placement matches will appear on this list, and every

time you do better than one of your top 10, it will replace your lowest score with the new higher match

score. Your top 10 is an ever evolving list. Based on these matches, you will be placed in a specific tier

and division on the for the current season.

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