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What is Dota Boosting?

It’s well known that Dota is one of the richest games in E-Sports right now, with the major tournaments often carrying prize funds running into the millions. This is because it’s not just one of the most popular games out there, but also one of the most competitive. Coming up against Heroes much higher in ranking than your own character will often lead to a swift defeat; and yet it can take hundreds of hours of playing time to reach these advanced levels – and have a fighting chance in battle.

Dota Elo boosting offers a service whereby the player hires elite, professional standard Dota experts to rapidly boost ranking by playing on the client’s behalf. Once the project is completed, the player will be able to enjoy Dota at a level that is well above their current standard, which naturally makes the game much more enjoyable. This Dota MMR boosting not only allows the player to save time, but also skip the long, tiresome, and arduous slog that it takes for most players to advance to the higher levels.

Placing A Dota 2 Boosting Order

Dota Ranked Boosting is a tailor-made service. The cost will depend upon the estimated time that it will take for a project to be completed. With Dota, this equates to the number of Trophy Points that will need to be won in order to advance. Some players may need just a little help getting over a tricky hurdle, others may wish to invest in a major advance that will take even our professional players time to achieve, simply due to the sheer number of games they will need to win.

For this reason, we offer a tiered service that is based upon the player’s current status and the level that they wish to be advanced to. This will calculate the flat rate that it will cost for our pros to complete the order. We also offer a number of optional extras which can be selected at the player’s discretion. Again, these will all be transparently added on to the final invoice. We present all of the costs straight up and do not ever hide any additional fees. What we quote is always the final amount.

Once satisfied with their order request and our payment quote, it’s merely a straightforward case of providing us with a few account details and settling the balance. For payment, we accept all major credit cards, as well as Paypal; and we, of course, use the highest standards of encrypted security.

Solo Or Duo Queue?

We understand that our clients will want their project completed quickly, but may also wish to continue playing Dota while our professionals are hard at work boosting the profile. Therefore, we offer two versions of our Dota Ranked Boosting service – Solo and Duo Queue.

Solo requires the player to, essentially, not play Dota for a short while. This allows our Pros to focus 100% on completing the order, and will ensure that the Dota MMR boosting project is completed as speedily as possible. Duo Queue allows the client to continue playing, but be aware that this will slow down delivery of the project and will generally cost a little more due to the additional time required for completion.

Placement Services

Another service we offer is giving players a quick head start in their gaming session via our placement service. This involves the player handing over the controls to one of our experts to give them a great lead, which is then passed over to the player. Typically, this is a guaranteed ten game straight win, providing new accounts with a fantastic launch pad in order to advance much more rapidly.

We Never Use Bots Or Scripts!

We take pride in our Dota Elo Boosting service – which is why we never, ever resort to using bots or scripts. Although our team uses untraceable VPN servers for maximum, undetectable security, we still believe that games should be played the right way. Therefore, all of our projects are completed fair and square in the spirit of the game. Every one of our completed projects – currently over 15000 – has been done without resorting to cheating, a fact that we’re very proud of.

Our Service Is 100% Professional And Reliable

We pride ourselves on not only the superb quality of our gaming professionals, but also in providing an overall world class boosting service. Our customer care team is available around the clock via our website for text inquiries, or alternatively through Discord for those who would like to speak in person via voice chat. Either way, help is always right on hand!


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