The Benefits of Dynamic Queue Elo Boosting vs Soloqueue Elo Boosting

The Benefits of Dynamic Queue Elo Boosting vs Soloqueue Elo Boosting

The Benefits of Dynamic Queue Elo Boosting vs Soloqueue Elo Boosting

League of Legends shares its initials with one of the oldest text message abbreviations in the world, so old, in fact, that it predates text messaging, but for many players, winning at League of Legends or increasing their ranking in the game is no laughing matter.  There are lots of games for which players look for hacks and cheat codes online, but League of Legends players take it to a whole new level.  Perhaps this is because the game has you compete against other real people in real time and because it is known for its highly competitive tournament scene, where you can win large amounts of real money.

The game’s administrators pair players and teams with their opponents through a system called Match Making Rating (MMR).  Riot, the company that makes League of Legends, has not disclosed to the public how it chooses which players will compete against which.  Certain types of matches and opponents are only available to players who have reached certain ranks within the game.  Generally, the higher your ranking, the more fun you can have and the more prizes you can win.

Elo Boosting, which is also known by the term MMR boosting, is a way that players can gain an advantage in the game and increase their rank more quickly.  The player in whose name the account is registered is called the boostee, and the person who logs into the boostee’s account and helps him or her play is called the booster.  The two basic types of Elo Boosting are Solo Queue Boosting and Duo Queue Boosting.  Solo Queue Boosting is when a booster logs into your account and plays League of Legends on your behalf while you walk your dog, get chewed out by your boss at work, or whatever else you are doing while the booster is operating your avatar.  Duo Queue Boosting is where you actually log into your own account and play, but at the same time, a skilled booster has also logged into your account and is playing alongside you.

So which type of Elo Boosting would you rather have?  Solo Queue Boosting is a lot like paying someone else to sit for your final exam in your place.  You can just sit and wait and hope that the person who is impersonating you doesn’t mess up and ruin your reputation when they were supposed to redeem it.  Perhaps an even better comparison would be that Solo Queue Boosting is like going to a restaurant and paying someone else to eat your food.  After all, you created an account on League of Legends so that you could have fun playing the game.  Why would you let somebody else have all the fun in your place?  Watching somebody else play your character does not sound like a lot of fun.

By contrast, Duo Queue Boosting is more like hiring a personal trainer to help you get in shape.  When you hire a personal trainer, you still have to do all the workouts, and the pride you feel in getting closer and closer to your fitness goals is yours to savor.  Likewise, when you do Duo Queue Boosting, you do not miss out on any of the fun of playing League of Legends.  You get to be part of the action every step of the way.  You get to watch your playing skills improve.  If anything, Duo Queue Boosting is like having a tech support expert gain access to your computer screen so that he can point the cursor where you are supposed to click.  Duo Queue Boosting can make you a better player.

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