How To Dribble In Rocket League

How To Dribble In Rocket League

How To Dribble In Rocket League

Have you ever played video games before such as Rocket League? Do you know how to carry the ball in rocket league? Probably, you already had with the fact that it is a trend for quite a long time now. When we talk about a video game that has a lot of users/ gamers, one of the games that would always be on top of the list is the Rocket League. There is no any wonder with that because Rocket League is a video game which features not only numerous online player base but as well as a number of e-Sports events and tournaments. In this particular game, one of the hot topics is how to dribble in rocket league.

Rocket League is a video game that has certainly taken the whole video gaming world by storm for it is indeed a great game with a brilliant blend of arcade racing and football. Although most video gamers have already played other arcade racing games as well as football, a lot of them are still in the dark when it comes to dribbling in rocket league. Several players are also consistently trying to find ways on how they can be the best in terms of dribbling in rocket league. There are two major best ways on how to carry the ball in rocket league. The first one is to keep the ball at the side of the car on the ground and just push it around. The second is to keep the ball at the top of the head of the car, this tactic allows you to send the ball immediately in the air and it is quite very necessary for one of one situation at the higher levels.

It is important also for the beginners to know the basics on how to dribble in rocket league if they don’t want to be a “chicken” or a “loser” in the game. If you are not that good in terms of dribbling in rocket league, then you can try to push the ball towards the curve surface on the side portion of the field. As the ball starts to compact down, place your car to the side to keep the ball up right on the curve, by doing this, you can learn how to control the ball as well as on how to control the speed of your car. Properly maintaining the speed of your car to effectively control the ball is one of the important things that you must take into considerations when it comes to dribbling in rocket league.

Another thing that you must take note is that when you are already at ease with placing the ball in the side of your car and dribbling it on the ground, then you can also try to practice dribbling it on top of the car’s head. Yet, this one is one of the most difficult dribbling ways that beginners and professionals alike find quite challenging. In the world of rocket league, there is no single or right way to dribble because each of the player might possibly come up with their very own technique in terms of improving their ball control while keeping it away or out of their opponent’s reach.

The secret behind the successful technique on how to carry the ball in rocket league is to make it a habit to always take off the ballcam while dribbling and even play with the camera. Focus on camera stiffness, height and distances for they are all important factors that can effectively help you to get a really good feel of the car that you own as well as in finding one that will possibly work best with you. If you have the patience, the time and the strong desire to be the best version of you who can be perfect and excellent in terms of dribbling in rocket league then all you will have to do is to practice, practice, and practice.

Working on gently in terms of controlling your direction and speed without having the need to use 100% of your power on acceleration or turning can be one of the great ways to master the secrets behind the effective dribbling on rocket league. In addition to that, practice also makes short and sudden boost adjustments, bursts, or brake without requiring over-correcting. A player must also remember that it is also possible to lower the controller’s deadzone from twenty to thirty percent right in the game config files. This help in terms of gentler steering and this can be done in TAGame\config\defaultInput.ini as well as setting “GamepadDeadzone=0.2”.

One of the most popular and easy ways on how to dribble in rocket league is to learn what possibly “pops” the ball up and what does not. Hitting the ball while it is rising after a certain bounce will certainly pop it even with the slightest touch but hitting it while it is falling might make it to stick to the ground or floor. Both of these ways are useful, depending on whether the player want to get under it or to carry it. If you want it to stay low then you can just do a simple turn. In order to soften the impacts as well as to create a very light touch, you can just turn the car away from the said ball or you can try to drift the tail end out while at the same time making a touch. Such move can stop the ball from being “movy” or “bouncy”.

Take note also that the drift button can be crucial sometimes, most especially when controlling a certain dribble, which only means that it adds another layer of challenge or difficult to the player. The ball will start to gain a lot of speed as well if it touches anywhere near your car’s nose. If you think that you have already mastered how to dribble in rocket league such as moving the ball side to side with your car speed or popping it over your head, then you can try the master juke. It is a type or way of dribbling in rocket league, which most pros do. Here, you try to get the ball on top of your car, then you do a double jump, a side flip or anything that you would like to do with the ball.

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