How to Powershot in Rocket League

How to Powershot in Rocket League

Learning how to powershot in Rocket League can make a huge difference on the way you play the game. It will surely help you overpower your opponents. However, learning such is never a piece of cake, especially for beginners. If you are a newbie, then there is a higher chance that you will always be defeated by your experienced opponents. Yet, not only beginners do have a hard time making hard shots or simply placing the shots. Even advanced players also struggle in making powershots.. If you want to beat the record and be the best player, you have to learn how to do powershot efficiently.

Powershotting in Rocket League is often sufficient enough to escape from that bronze area. It is also incredibly useful for punishing positioning mistakes, those who are weak in terms of defending or getting fast, high shots. Since majority of people in the silver and bronze area often place themselves in the wrong position or do not make enough pressure to the ball, making powershot is then one of the most effective methods of gaining goals while you play defensive.

One more thing before we proceed on how to do hard shots- good Rocket League players does not mindlessly shoot their ball as hard as possible. Instead, they first search for a position that will benefit the entire team. The success of powershotting in Rocket League great relies on teamwork. Regardless of how hard you do a powershot if your team members are not in the best position, your effort will all turn into naught. Play in collaboration with your team. The key is teamwork.

Know the Influence of Car Parts on the Balls’ Shooting Strength

You know every single part of your car and its power. Okay, that is good. However, for the sake of beginners, we will still include how car parts affect the shooting strength. In general, only four parts of the car do really matters- the corner bumper, bumper, roof, and wheels. It is a basic that you should be fully aware when making powershot in Rocket League.

-Corner Bumper- this gives the strongest pressure or hit, slightly stronger than the bumper.

-Bumper- this is perfect if you are after fast shots or strong hit.

-Roof- car’s roof generally provides solid, decent hits, having the ball go in a moderate speed. It offers. It also provides moderate strength, a bit stronger than the wheels.

-Wheels- this gives the weakest hit. If you want a soft touch, then hitting the ball with car wheels will be perfect. Yet, it should be avoided if you are looking forward making a strong hit or the game requires you to do so.

Remember that making strong powershot in Rocket League does not always help. If you are a newbie, then you should make certain that the strength of the hit perfectly suits the situation. Sometimes, all you need is weak hit, which can be made through using your car’s wheels.

Now that you are already know the strength of the most important part of your car, let us now proceed on the balls’ movement.

Ball Movement Matters

When doing powershot in Rocket League, it always pays to consider ball movement. Although it is an important consideration, majority of new players still miss this. The failure to consider ball movement is often the reason why beginners find it hard to learn and make seamless hard shots. Below are some vital information you should bear in mind.

-Shooting the ball while it is moving upwards will cause the ball to fly faster and higher. It will be best to hit the ball after it eventually fall or hit the ground.

-Contrariwise, shooting the ball while it is falling will generally draw you a weak and shallow shot.

-You must bear in mind that when the ball move away from your position in a swift speed, it will be sure hard to change the speed and direction.

Let us simplify this point- if you are after a powershot in Rocket League that is fast and high, then you must hit the ball just after a moment it hit the arena. Yet, if you are looking forward making a shallow hit, then it will be best to hit the ball before it eventually reaches the ground.

This will lead us to the next important point.

Dodge Usage

Using dodges to make car flip is a common type of advanced move. This involves flipping through pushing the left-side analogue stick towards the desired direction then pressing jump key or button two times. Making flips is one of the great ways to score goals, increase chances of hitting the ball first, make ball fly higher and faster, and more. The ability to perform seamless flips is generally advantageous for the team. Its incredible power makes it appear alluring for beginners.

Majority of beginners share the same mistake- using dodge too early. Doing so is a huge problem. Dodging requires right strategy and timing. It is best to make dodging right at the moment of hitting the ball. Use front bumpers in doing so. In addition, better avoid making weird stuff such as hitting the ball using the roof and leaning forward. That is not cool, dude! Besides, doing so can never guarantee you with a great game.

Now, let us make a short recap on doing powershot in Rocket League.

What would you do if you want to make hard hits?
-Hit the ball after it already touched the playing ground.

When do you have to dodge the ball?
-When it already hit the ball

Lots of things should be taken into consideration before you eventually make a perfect and seamless powershot in Rocket League. However, if you learn all of those, you will surely make an enthralling game. Generally, as what have mentioned above, learning powershot and even powerclear in Rocket League is never easy. You may not get it right for the first time, but do not lose heart. You just have to practice. Watching video tutorials is also helpful. Well, it’s easier to learn when there is visual aid.

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