How to Carry Teammates in Rocket League

How to Carry Teammates in Rocket League

Knowing the best tips to become a better player be able to carry your teammates will help you unlock vehicle customization options and level up faster. With the right tips for carrying in rocket league, you and your team will be able to beat your opponents with wow-worthy demolitions and goals. Rocket League can be played on PS4 and the release date of Xbox One Rocket League is finally here with special Xbox customizations and themed stickers for your cars.

The basic goal of this game is by using a small racing car in pushing a bigger soccer ball into a goal. It is close to the fun when you play Rush racing games that are paired with FIFA’s competitive side. It would take five minutes to be able to understand the basics of the game, but through the right tips, you will be able to rocket league carry your team. Even though a racing game with a soccer ball sounds as if it is all about paced attacks, there are lots of strategy involved in winning a game in rocket league. If you plan, think, and at times, wait, you will be able to score more goals, and thus, you can be a bigger part of the team and have more fun than simply running in.

1. Doing all training modes – Rocket League includes two primary training modes, which show you how to play the game. This is the basic step before you stress yourself about carrying in rocket league your teammates. Do not skip the training options or you will consistently wonder how your opponents are able to fly through the air, kick, and flip like pros. There is a basic training option to get started, such as using power slide, using boost, and kicking. The advanced training mode includes aerial kicks, flying, and other advanced tools to help you rocket league carry your team.

2. Practicing offline or with friends – When you start playing rocket league, the best place to go is in an exhibition match with bots and a friend or simply offline with the bots. It will give you a chance to figure out the basics of the game without the pressure of having to play with skilled opponents. If you would select to play in this mode, it would be a great idea if you skip the rookie difficulty except you have not played Xbox or any video games in a long time. Skip up to Pro mode or higher so that you can play with opponents and teammates who are skilled. When playing against a friend in one of these modes, you may play with bots. This will allow the tow player to play a full two teams. With this, when the real game occurs, you will be able to rocket league carry team.

3. Not always going for a goal – There are lots of times, when you have to avoid shooting the ball, and simply have to pass it downfield to your teammate, or whack it into the center of the board so someone will be able to score the goal. If you are near the edge of the opponents’ goal, kick with the X button in order to send the ball into the center where one of your teammates can kick it into the goal. Many times, just kicking the ball to the center ends up in a goal because a poor defensive effort knocks it in.

4. Goalie tips – If you are now playing with a team of real players and you want or need to rocket league carry your team, you have to pick someone who can play defense as your team goalkeeper. It is an important role in Rocket League, and it is earning points with clearances and saves. Playing goalkeeper sideways enables better movement form one side of the goal to the next, and enables you for better defense. A jump or a kick will enable you to ensure more saves with this kind of play. Unless one player is specifically skilled, ensure that you would take turns playing goalkeeper in this game for the sake of carrying in rocket league your teammates.

5. Boosts – It is really to run out of boost, but you will be able to pick up more while driving around. The small orange dots on the field are offering small recharges to help you charge up and thus, help you in carrying in rocket league your teammates. This is so that you would not have to go to a corner for a full can of boost. Do not boost everywhere you go, or you will be empty when the time comes that you really need the boost to know out and fly an opponent or make a save. Rather than boosting, you may double tap X in forward direction with the gas on. This is for a fast boost without a need to use your boost.

6. Taking out other players – One of the important tasks to do in order to rocket league carry team is supporting your team. If you are not able to hit the ball or score one, you may still play a significant role. Boost into the opponent to destroy them or you may at least knock them out of position. Always remember to use this on defense and on offense. If your team is attacking, you should hit the goalkeeper hard to demolish him or push into the goal. When you are on the defense nudge, you try your best to demolish an offense opponent waiting in the center in order to cross.

7. Learning to play in reverse – One of the best tips for carrying your teammates in rocket league is playing in reverse. While your opponents are about to bounce around, trying to get into position, you can back up and score a ball, or you can nudge the ball to your teammate. It will absolutely take some practice, but as soon as you master long or short movements in reverse, you will quickly outmaneuver the other team in key situations.

Applying, practicing, and perfecting these tips will definitely help rocket league carry team and ensure your win in every game, no matter who you are with.

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