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EloBoostPros are experienced boosting professionals brought together to provide you with rapid boosting at the most competitive rates. Our goal is to provide the best service for our customers by alleviating the frustrations of elo hell and getting you back in the game!


Our coworkers use custom VPN servers which change the IP address for each and every account, making it impossible for Riot to trace the games back to us.

Challenger Elo Boosters

Challenger Elo Boosters

We are recruiting among the best! The minimum accepted rank for our elo boosters is Diamond 1 or higher, thus your account in the hands of professionals.

Support Center

Support Center

We feature a live chat system with 24-hour Customer Support. Have a question? Ask us and receive a speedy response!



We guarantee our elo boosters will complete your job fast! With boosters hand-picked from players across the globe, you will be sure to find a booster in your region.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

We are constantly evaluating our prices to either match or beat the competition to offer you boosts that don’t break the bank.

Courtesy and Manners

Courtesy and Manners

Our elo boosters pride themselves on maintaining sportsmanlike conduct throughout the entire boosting process.

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Customer Reviews

  • β€”Entityβ€”

    Eloboostpros just finished duo queue boosting me. Their performance was so astounding, that it has changed my expectations of boosters forever. I was not expecting the level of care, mentoring, customer service, and community. I went in there with low level of experience, and they did not care how good I was. Highkeysavage was already amazing by himself, but he teemed up with others to help me out so he could concentrate on my game and teach me the ways of high elo.

    All they had to do was boost me, but they instead trained and mentored me, invited me into their community and made me feel like I was a part of their team. Never have I seen boosters have this much communication and caring. They boosted for 24 hours, and if you can stay up, they’ll play with you all day and all night, and even if a booster leaves, another will take their place, making the boost truly a 24/7 experience. You boost for as long as you can, you don’t need to stop when one booster has to stop.

    Highkey was so amazing and superb though, that he rushed home from school to help me do my order faster. He didn’t leave me to myself to find other boosters, he made sure that his customer got 100% satisfactory (and above) experience. And he even went above and beyond to help me with stuff that I wasn’t even paying him for, like spectating the games of my friends and helping coach them when I wanted to take breaks or asked him to.

    The booster himself is a superb Challenger level booster, a Master on his main account because he is so busy boosting everyone with extreme dedication to even keep his LP to Challenger. I was losing lane, losing CS, feeding, and just dying, busy with real life distractions, and not only did this guy not get mad, but he laughed, told me it was okay, and carried me like a legend. We didn’t even get to the point of nearly losing, we demolished the enemy team.

    Highkeysavage is a hard-working employee and knows how to get the work done effectively. He has also worked with other teams closely and was an inspiration for his team members. He has excellent communication skills, both verbal as well as written. He is highly respected here, by his colleagues and customers.

    And the best part about all of this? This level of magnificent service was offered by one of the cheapest prices out there, on top of which the owner gave me a discount without me even asking for one, and customer service from him was astounding. He followed up on my order and my comfort everyday, making sure that I felt that I was getting the best service possible.

    On the basis of my experience of boosting with and being acquainted with with HighKeySavage, I strongly recommend him as a booster to you. And I definitely, most definitely recommend Eloboostpros to anyone out there looking for the best service in the industry, and at one of the cheapest prices available as well. I went to these guys as a customer, I’m staying as a friend.

    — Entity —
  • -AkaliMid-

    Just got done being duo queue boosted by this site (Eloboostpro). I have never been on Sythe before, but I made an account just to comment on the excellence of this site’s boosting. There were MULTIPLE aspects – not just the superb caliber of the booster’s gameplay – that I found exceptionally satisfactory with the site and that I wish to address.

    Prior to the boost, I had just come off of a 0-3 (the dream) promo loss, in which I lost 2 games while duoing WITH A FUCKING BOOSTER from another site that I won’t mention… needless to say I was already pissed and desperate to hit Plat tonight. As an aside, I highly suggest not going to sites with cheaper prices. Yes, their prices may look attractive, but they only have these prices because their boosters are of comparably lower quality skill (I’m talking D5 boosters); a Master/Challenger player is the best of the best, if he has a brain he is not going to work for dirt cheap rates. What’s the point of paying for a guaranteed win if the win isn’t even guaranteed?! Unfortunately I learned this the hard way 2 hours ago. You get what you pay for, you have been warned.

    Moving along, I went through about 10 sites looking for a better booster, all of which had 0 personnel manning the customer service live chat and thus 0 boosters to take my order right away. The 11th was this site, which answered my request promptly. This was the first good sign. Also, I must stress that 90% of boosting sites DO NOT fulfill your order anywhere close to immediately; they usually take several hours to get to your order, which of course is highly undesirable if you are 2-2 in promo and just want to get to the next tier as soon as possible. This delay with other boosting sites is due to the fact that they are undermanned, and therefore cannot afford to keep their services up 24 hours as advertised. Eloboostpro not only delivered on 24 hour service, they did it within 5 minutes. Such was a direct illustration of the quality and infrastructure of their company.

    The second good sign was that for no discernible reason whatsoever, the person manning the live chat gave me a discount of almost $10 on my order. Needless to say this was another extremely pleasant surprise.

    And last but obviously not least, the gameplay of my booster was superb. I later learned that he was the owner of the site and is Challenger on his main, and both these attributes showed in his gameplay. I was kind of freaking out about losing another game, but the guy’s utterly supreme confidence – seriously Zen-like cockiness on this guy – helped put me at ease. As we were TeamSpeaking, I could hear the booster watching a stream, delegating boost orders to his employees, and talking to a business partner – basically multitasking out the ass – all while literally dominating the game. The guy was a fucking god. We stomped both games.

    I am extremely satisfied with Eloboostpro’s boosting service. Even without the discount, even without the utter stomp of a game we had, the fact that they were prompt with handling my order is the part that got me. For that reason alone this place has my business from now on. I will be coming back.

    — AkaliMid —
  • -fransciscof99-

    EloBoostPros are the best boosters not only the boosting but also the prices are the cheapest I’ve seen boosters are also really nice and fun to talk to. They replied quickly and started me with in 15 minutes with my duo i got boosted by Zula greatest kindred NA!!! also fun to talk to gives great advise can carry ANY game as long as you don’t feed your lane def. recommend this guy not only for a fast boost but also to have fun. As for the admin they’re chill and if you ever need help theyll contact your booster and get everything done ASAP.

    TY Zula! hope to duo with you again soon! was super fun!

    — fransciscof99 —
  • -Mandeezy-

    I have played with many boosters this past year and Zula is by far the most enjoyable and knowledgeable booster i’ve had. Super fun to play with as well. He explains what to do in every situation, even from when behind or what to do with a lead. I have also individually had some bad games while playing with him and he keeps me from tilting and keeps my morals up. I 100% recommend zula to anyone who is stuck in any elo! He also is willing to accommodate his schedule to what ever is most convenient to the client. Pretty funny and makes playing ranked awesome and really fun! The admins are extremely attentive and awesome as well. Resen in particular really stood out to me, and replied to any question I had, even when they were tied up with issues. Resen makes sure your time here is well worth it! Everyone here is really nice! I will most definitely request zula again, no doubt in my mind. Not only did I gain elo, I also gained a new friend:) If you’re considering a boost, please do yourself a favor and make your life easy by requesting zula!

    — Mandeezy —
  • -caelum-

    Savage Is The Best Booster!
    He Is An Ad Monster!
    Thanks A Lot <3

    — caelum —
  • -IAMME16-

    These guys are so amazing they helped me through everything. They made it so easy for me and I didn’t have to worry about anything. 22 was the biggest help. He was so understanding nice and helpful. Thank you for everything you guys. :p

    — IAMME16 —
  • -Carnax48-

    Service was great. Very fast and efficient.

    — Carnax48 —
  • -Isreal-

    I love the duo queue service, they work with you, and are friendly. I’d highly recommend them and their coaching.

    — Isreal —
  • -YungPotato7-

    They’re the best. I bought a 2 game win boost for my promo but didn’t win the two games. After that, i got paired with a different booster, Zula, and he is great. He played jg and a lot of kindred, which is great since I’ve been wanting to pick up kindred. He was cool and taught me a couple things too. Overall, great service.

    — YungPotato7 —
  • -rucer44-

    Just gone done boosting with Zulu and some other guys and it was fun and fast. Each game was under 30 mins and wow they can carry. Great guys and great players. Fun time, thanks for the games.

    — rucer44 —
  • -YepPrettySweet-

    This was pretty awesome. Got a smurf through here. They set it up right away and even offered to do the placements for a discount. (Still $50, but its tempting considering that’s a bunch of games I wouldn’t have to play. I worked with 22 on the chat box and he was super helpful!

    — YepPrettySweet —
  • -scouser theory-

    Lawrence, was very well mannered, very flexible, I was pleased with this booster he got the job done.:)

  • -LolSpectrum-

    I was very satisfied with eloboostspros work. My booster, zula, got the job done quick and harmless. If i ever had any questions moderators were there to answer on the spot. Great people and site would buy again!:p

    — LolSpectrum —
  • -chocolatebunnie-

    great service from eloboostpros recommended the same to many friends. my booster zula was awesome i am still gonna work with him on my coaching . he makes league fun to learn and he teaches some neat tricks . 22 was very helpful to me when i first got on the site to purchase so im grateful to him for that and resen helped me with order that i messed up on so for that i admire them for their integrity and devotion to their clients πŸ™‚

    — chocolatebunnie —
  • -CcWings-

    The service is amazing. I got Coaching from Zula and he is easy to work with and understand and hell put alot of time and effort into making you a better player. definitely recommend him <3

    — CcWings —
  • -ReplayDrewQ-

    Had a great time with my coach! Zula is a fantastic coach and an all around great player. Can’t wait to get to learn more from him as he is the best kayle player I’ve ever seen. After our coaching session I played 3 solo Q games and won all of them. Finally getting out of my Elo Hell! Thanks Zula and the Eloboostpros website

    — ReplayDrewQ —
  • -cavemanclark-

    The service that Zula provided was outstanding, he carried the game every time with 99% success. Not only did he boost my account but he taught me the game to make me a better player and more competitive so i could stay in the ELO that he got me to. I would recommend this site 10/10, and always ask for Zula you will not be disappointed. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    A Very Happy Customer.

    — cavemanclark —
  • -winner56-

    I’ve been playing this game for over 4 years. Long story short I got stuck in Silver 4 and couldn’t get out. I just kept getting teammates who continued to feed and lose their lanes and everything. Skip forward 4 months ago, I meet my boy Zula who I actually met through a friend from another boosting site. He said that he was the best booster and could teach me a lot of things. Today I’m now plat 1, we’re pushing for Diamond later this week.
    Now let me tell you, I might have had a challenger player playing with me but that’s okay. I solo que’d my way out of plat 4-2 without Zula’s help. I give him full credit though because after every game and during each of them he was giving me tips and lessons. Honestly he’s made me an extremely better player in both Mid and Top lane with Maokai, Kayle, Yasuo, and a few other champs. This site offers the lowest prices I’ve seen so I’m extremely happy that I was able to play with one of my best online friends to this date.

    — winner56 —
  • -KingDeathThe1-

    Loved the way they handle everything. Very professional and well done. Got immediate answers to my question and when I was duoing with one of the boosters, he gave me great tips on how to handle myself in lane and the game in general. Special thanks to Jangle, a lot of effort put into his work!:D

    — KingDeathThe1 —
  • -k510-

    These guys are legit. If you don’t like the idea of boosting but would like a lending hand, then doing a DUO would be the best option. If you’re tired of having bad teammates and feel tilted each game, this is it! I had Savage as my duo partner and man he did amazing. 10/10 would play and talk to with again!

    — k510 —
  • -Anon1111-
    I got a boost in the platinum elo from this site and I just wanna talk about the booster Mark for a minute ..First of all request this guy ..He is a great player ..Good with advice ..Very patient ..Made my boosting experience excellent ..

    A++++++ on Mr Marky Mark for sure

    –Garbage plat player πŸ˜‰

    — Anon1111 —
  • -barzzhad-

    Hello everyone!

    I’ve purchased this service and thought their would be a wait time to get started. I was pleasantly surprised when I was given TeamSpeak info and assigned a booster within minutes of placing my order. The service was both quick and professional. Kurtis (My Booster) played amazingly well in game. Assisted the team with good calls and even helped improve my own performance along the way by giving suggestions on item builds and rotations. I would recommend this group to anyone. 10/10 Will use again.

    — barzzhad —
  • -trundlebucket-

    Ordered two levels of silver from these guys as Duo-Q. Had never tried boosting before, but they made it quick and painless. Was a fun way to practice while ensuring you win your ranked games.

    Definitely give them a try if you are thinking Duo-Q. Highly recommended.

    — trundlebucket —
  • -spiri2g-

    My experience with my booster was awesome, Zula is a very cool person and a great carry. I can learn a lot from him. def gonna request him for my next orders. A++ Booster.

    — spiri2g —
  • -Newb-

    Worked with Logia and Jangle God. Really cool and nice duo queue service.

    — Newb —
  • -soowooop-

    Elo Boost Pros are #1!!! I wont lie, i was very skeptical at first, i had heard nothing but bad things in the past about boosting accounts and was pretty nervous to try it. Every question i had the managers answered with confidence and assured me everything would meet or surpass my expectations, and, that’s exactly what happened. Not only was my order completed in a timely manner, but the pricing for what i asked for what very fair. I highly recommend this team to anyone looking for a boost! Also, shout out to my booster Airya, he handled business in the rift like a true PRO! thanks again!

    — soowooop —
  • -Ruskin-

    Did the boost for lots of times with Bisiw and Hobo, Kurtis. really decent people and have fun during the boost. always come back lol

    — Ruskin —
  • -theseeker11-

    I absolutely loved this service!
    I came out flat this season after a 6 month break and have struggled more so than I would of liked.
    (Started S5 afer being G4 previous year, climbed to gold promos twice just to try non meta champs and lose back to s3 or 4.)
    I boosted out of silver back into Gold so I can continue my grind with less headache.
    I am very impressed. I would of liked a little more constraint on champions played but I didn’t set any boundaries outside of no ADC. My friends noticed the champion selections and I tried to play it off as coaching. No one really cared cause it was only to Gold though. Could of caused a headache if I boosted higher. And I know a few of my friends messaged the booster wanting to play with me. I had a couple people text me asking why i was ignoring them.
    Next time I will duo to avoid the friends asking questions.
    The customer service was terrific and answered any and all questions I had.
    I will most likely use again. I may duo queue boost one division for the coaching.

    — theseeker11 —
  • -bowlowknee-

    Boosted from s1 to g5 very fast by Zula. Super friendly and very helpful. Thanks again man!

    — bowlowknee —
  • -hobag-

    These guys are legit, flexible, and damn fun to play with! I would recommend 10/10 for the duo queue service~

    — hobag —
  • -pshafes-

    This boosting service was extremely helpful and had a great price. The customer support is phenomenal and i was guided through checkout. I appreciated all of the assistance i recieved and the website is very clean and easy to navigate through.

    — pshafes —
  • -oniwolf-

    Great service got me out of silver 5 to gold 5 Ty Zula <3

    — oniwolf —
  • -Jiburiru-

    Great and fast services from eloboostpros. Very friendly and welcoming. I know they get a bad rep for boosting but the service they provide is not just to help boost but to also help new players learn and gives us a chance to see first hand at how well their players can play. Thumbs up, and highly recommended. Savage was my booster, very friendly, quick responses even though i had a lot of questions, also highly recommended πŸ˜€

    — Jiburiru —
  • -lilmtz-

    Within seconds i felt at ease by the customer support. Right when I made the purchase i got the notification with in about 5 min i got notified that they had gotten to work. It was very satisfying how they kept their word about everything. I would definitely recommend this site to everyone I know.

    — lilmtz —
  • -eggnogking-

    My boy Savage was the bomb. Fast and easy, talked to me a lot and let me know the run down, started playing games for me within an hour of me signing up. Gold IV to Plat V in like two days, he was quite the dedicated guy.

    10/10 would do again.

    — eggnogking —
  • -ike50-

    Just got done receiving a duo boost with Lawrence. One of the most skillful players I’ve ever played with. He also gives many tips to help you learn and play better so you don’t look like a boosted monkey.
    22 will give you great deals if you talk to him. Amazing service and the quality is definitely worth paying for.
    Savage is a nerd but a good player, would also recommend him for boosting.
    10/10 for this group, they’re respectful and nothing but quality.

    — ike50 —
  • -caelum-

    Coaching from Naggin on ELOBOOSTPROS.
    Was great, super professional, and gives constructive criticism.

    — caelum —
  • -samo619-


    I got paired with ‘greedy’ a new trial booster. I could not have been happier with the service. Really helpful, I spectated games on my surf account and he explained build paths, runes, masteries and different game mechanics whilst playing.

    Unbelievable player and will be requesting him if I ever come back in the future!

    — samo619 —
  • -Peanut690-

    Never been elo boosted before, bought from them and they were super friendly and helpful. Got me from S3-G5 in less than 2 days. FAST, definitely will recommend to friends! Thank you so much!

    — Peanut690 —
  • -LeagueOfCancer-

    Great site, the owner of the site greeted me with respect and answered all my questions right away. I was able to get boosted around 15min~ after my purchase and my booster “Maruu” is extremely friendly. His Lucian and Ezreal was extremely skillful and carried every game. Recommend using this site 11/10

    — LeagueOfCancer —
  • -ilikepotatoes-

    had a great experience with them πŸ™‚

    — ilikepotatoes —
  • -emmanuelxs-

    Clean and fast work I would recommend it to anyone .. πŸ™‚ nice people too , Thank You… ^^,

    — emmanuelxs —
  • -ODB94-

    Amazing reliable website, was able to climb from Silver 3 to Gold 5 in less then 48 hours and my booster Orolio went 20 for 20 and had a quick dominant stretch. Every time i logged back in to check with the website regarding progress someone was there attentive and contacting the booster to see when he would return to play and in two solid sessions he quickly and safely won every single game. Price is fair and if you are offered cheaper services do not take them, this is a site of reliable people who are more then fair with the price considering their safety and customer service! 4/4 stars and if i ever boost again i will for sure use this website!

    — ODB94 —
  • -Flexscrub-

    Completely Legit, bought smurf on EUW and had it delivered quickly, even gave the passcode to change their email info to my own. Recommended!

    — Flexscrub —
  • -caelum-

    Super fast and efficient is Savage or highkey.
    He’s good and offers constructive criticism.

    — caelum —
  • -OTBox-

    Great service. Boosted me from B1 to S3. 20 win streak from Maru boosting my fat ass outta cesspool Bronze. Discrete, trustworthy, fast, and followed my additional instructions that I requested. Most definitely recommend.

    — OTBox —
  • -isbenji-

    Incredibly friendly people great service! They work quickly and they try to get you what you purchased as soon as possible. In my case they woke someone up at 3am just to get my account. Would definitely recommend.

    — isbenji —
  • -lucinagrill-

    Really awesome service got a new account bc i was bored of playing in my real rank so i wanted some fun and they delivered quick and their live chat with their team members is prob my favorite feature

    — lucinagrill —
  • -icreatedsex-

    great service ! no complaints except from my bank because i can’t stop BUYING !
    boosters were friendly , professional , and great people !
    would recommend this service 100%
    perfect 5/7

    — icreatedsex —
  • -vagdestroyer-

    Great guys, easy going and kept me updated throughout the way. Went from P3-D5 in about 2-3 days, chilled with them on teamspeak and everything went down smoothly.

    Would definitely use these guys again!

    — vagdestroyer —
  • -Oedgehawkk-

    What these guys do is pretty legit. They got to work straight away. And they are very understanding and flexible.

    — Oedgehawkk —
  • -ChanceMe1991-

    OK, these guys are legit, i played with them and watched them play! they are no jokes. I was skeptical at first but was proven wrong. would HIGHLY recommend these guys!

    — ChanceMe1991 —
  • -yaphet1131-

    I bought a challenger slot from him. trust fast legit

    — yaphet1131 —
  • -Putrid Lemon-

    Awesome work guys only took a few days to complete. They start it right away and they also reply on skype and give you tips. +1 would recommend. I will be back next season Thanks guys!

    — Putrid Lemon —
  • -Phuong1102-

    vouched for the legitimate service and is working with him

    — Phuong1102 —
  • -Charle-

    I can’t wait to spend more money with you guys — you’re all really kind and awesome haha

    — Charle —
  • -Mystk-

    All i can say is FCKN AWESOME ! My booster was really good he lost only 2 or 3 games he carried my acoount from plat 3 to diamond in 3 days and only played 6-8 hours per day ! Cool service Best Boosters ! and really FAST ! Gj guys and Thank you.

    — Mystk —
  • -Bryce-

    Hi there! I bought your services last night and i’m very please with everything! πŸ˜‰

    — Bryce —
  • -Jacob-

    Really awsome he know how too play and carry game and help other lane if i get more duo game if request this man.

    — Jacob —
  • -Yuno-

    Eloboostpro is the greatest, did my boost in 12 hours from Gold 5 – Gold 3

    — Yuno —
  • -Adam-

    22 is the man…He’s skipped divisions both time he’s boosted for me…and I wont lie hes been well worth the money…If people read this stuff make sure you tip him to show your love.

    — Adam —
  • -Johnathan J-

    Great player, good communication and coaches while you play! A+

    — Johnathan J —



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